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Personal Sites

Personal Trainer

For the sportsman or gym trainer to encourage and motivate others to break a sweat whilst still enjoying it!

Wedding Planner

For wedding planners to showcase the work you dearly love. It also categorizes your art in an orderly way.

Wedding Event

Wedding websites are definitely a thing and we offer you and your loved one memories that cannot be forgotten.

Business Coach

Or Entrepreneur, this site template brings you to your people and makes it ridiculously easy for them to find out more about you.


Entertainers should be easily accessible and what better way to display your growing portfolio if not an aesthetically pleasing personal site?

Life Coach

Illustrate the knowledge you are willing to spread with this beautiful template that does not negotiate on quality.

Business Sites


Show that you’re the only choice for your niche with this handy template.

Driving School

Perfect for taxi businesses, safari drivers and anyone in transportation. This template is a sure traffic driver.


With allowance for drool-worthy images that are fantastic quality, this template will establish your restaurant faster than you can.