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Get a personal website

Personal websites are the ultimate solution to online personal branding problems. So many people are building strong personal brands but have a very weak online brand.

Benefits of Personal Sites


Fight Fake News

Fake news can destroy all your life’s work in a flash! After being targeted its important to release a statement defending your position to your followers. Unfortunately, most people do not have anywhere they can authentically defend themselves when this happens. Social media works to an extend but fake accounts exist there too! The best way is to release the statement on your personal website & share the link to all your social media platforms.

Dominate Google search 

 Have you googled your name recently? For most popular people, newspaper articles pop up first. Sadly, not all of them have positive things to say about you. Creating a personal site allows you to become number one on Google for anyone who searches your name. This gives you the authority to paint the image you want people to see when your name is mentioned.


Make your words last

Sometimes the sensible, valuable and relevant words you speak do not reach the relevant ears. Social media  gets rid of them in a few days whilst on radio/TV they last mere minutes minutes. A personal website gives you a chance to add articles, voice notes and videos which you want people to keep seeing for longer. Anyone interested in knowing all your thoughts, interests and words now has a place to go and learn everything.


Communicate more widely

 No need to get access to people via a third part player like radio, TV or twitter. Publish something on your website and make news from there! After publishing something new, all the people following your personal site will get notifications about it.

One Centre of Valid Data

All the information online about you should have one place where it is validated or discarded. Your personal website serves as a tool to validate or invalidate any claims made in your name online. Impersonation is a serious problem that needs to be addressed properly.

Introduce yourself

 When an introduction is done by a third party its filtered through their eyes. A personal website gives you a chance to say what you want to say about yourself. Not what others think about you! Introduce yourself as a giant not a failed soccer player.

What does it look like?

It is a website with your name & the address. Something like www.yourname.co.zw or www.yourname.com. For example www.trustnhokovedzo.co.zw or www.ellenmubwanda.co.zw

How big is it?

Even though this website is about you, the information there doesn’t have to include things that are unnecessary for your ‘brand’. The generation of the content to be published on the website determines the size of the website. The website features a blog section, podcast, & social media wall streaming to allow you to publish as much content as needed without redoing the website. As such, the website starts small and grows with time.


Whats the difference?

Personal sites are the new addition to the online personal branding portfolio. When someone is introduced to your name and they want to learn more about you where would they go? Definitely Google. While corporate sites are good places to add information about the company leadership and all, personal sites do a superb job of presenting you as a real human being who has a life and can be emulated. Most times, business websites only give the necessary details. On your personal site things like hobbies and other passions of yours have space too!

Can it be delivered? & for how much?

These websites can be done for anyone anywhere in the world. The websites can be seen from anywhere in the world too! The available domain name extensions are co.zw, co.za, .co.uk, .net and .com. These can be ordered automatically on our platform. Special arrangements can be made to get other domains registered. If you already have a domain name, all you need to do is to point it to our servers and we can do all the magic! The creation of your personal website takes 5 days (including the registration of the domain name, design choice, and implementation). These 5 days include the back and forth of information & edits with you. We would prefer to have the least number of physical meetings as possible! Phone calls are ideal – video calls with screen sharing can be done too!

How does it work?

Personal websites are the ultimate solution to online personal branding problems. So many people are building strong personal brands but have a very weak online brand. For most influential people, the negative stories published are the only thing available on Google for their names. Owning a personal website gives you total control over what people see and know about your brand especially those looking for more information about you. This includes recruiters & did we mention that a personal website acts as an instant portfolio if done right? Personal brands grow much faster than business or corporate brands. For that reason, it is important for all business leaders to grow faster but building authority in their industries by having a strong personal brand.

Return Policy

If you decide against having a website done after placing an order, a refund is possible under the following conditions:


  1. If we have not registered the domain and the work has not been started, 100% will be issued.
  2. If domain had been registered, but the website has not been built, 50 % of the funds will be refunded. Unfortunately, domain names cannot be deleted or undone.
  3. If the website and the domain name had been done, there will be no refunds, but we can turn it off completely from our servers.